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Thematic city tours

In order to feel spirit of Jajce as a tourist we're offering a thematic tour arangements. These programs will specify a certain period which tourists would like to get more familiar with.

Tour program
The most influental person in medieval period was Jajce's founder, Hrvoje Vukčić Hrvatinić, duke Vukac's son. Hrvoje V. Hrvatinić inherited his father as ''big duke'' in 1380 AD. Since 1396 AD he's the owner of the title ''Conte di Jajcze'' and that's the year when Jajce was, for the first time, mentioned by that name, in some historical document. During the reign of Tvrtko 2nd Jajce became reigning city of Bosnian kings. Few years before capitualtion of Bosnian medieval kingdom Jajce also became bosnian capitol. In 1461 AD last bosnian king Stejepan Tomašević was crowned in Jajce. Two years after he was executed in Jajce, and that's the moment when medieval Bosnian kingdom ceased to exist.

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Tour of Jajce cultural heritage

We offer the possibility of a one-day tour of the cultural and historical areas of Jajce with professional tourist guides. The tour lasts two hours. The touristic tour includes the following monuments:
Underground church
St. Mary's Church with St. Luke's tower/Sultan Sulejman's (Fatih) Mosque
Mithra temple
Jajce fortress
Traditional houses in Jajce
Jajce mosques
Museum of AVNOJ (antifascism)
Pliva waterfall

Notes: Languages of communication of our guides are local and English, German and Spanish. If you like to have city tour please contact us!

Explore Jajce - royal town

Jajce – the city of stones, light and water, royal town and an open air museum, built on the banks of the rivers Pliva and Vrbas. It is a historically meaningful place of valuable atmosphere with archeologically important heritages and objects located in the middle of unique natural panoramas makes the town of Jajce a very special place. In the following text we will present you a one day trip to the town of Jajce.

Tour to the cultural and historical heritages of Jajce
An organized tour to the cultural and historical heritages of Jajce gives visiters of the town the chance to see the load of monuments in the small area of Jajce town center. In a four hour guided city trip a professional tourist guide will present the following monuments to you: Catacombs, 14. Century, The Fortress, the Medieval Tower and the townwall, 14. – 18. Century, the St. Mary Church and the Fethija Mosque, 15. And 16. Century, buildings from the Austro-Hungarian Period, 19. Century, the AVNOJ Museum (place of the founding of new Yugoslawia in the 2nd world war), the Ethno Museum, the Mithras Tempel, 4th century,

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Museum tour

We're offering visits to Jajce museums guided by certified tour guides. This two-hour program includes next museums:

- Antic Museum in Franciscan Monastery - where the last Bosnian kings sarcophagus (with his remains) is exposed.
- Jajce Ethno Museum – with exhibits related to Jajce and its surroundings customs, tradition i culture of living.
- City Art Gallery – located in one of the national monuments – Kršlak's house.
- Museum of AVNOJ – governments of six Yugoslav republics held the counseling in this building on 29th and 30th November 1943 AD. New Yugoslavia, based od socialistic principles was created at this counseling. Beside the counsleing room in this museum, you can visit drawing gallery (by slovenian artist Božidar Jakac), room dedicated to Bosnia and Herzegovina statehood rehabilitation. For further informations please contact us.

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