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Traditional jumping from the waterfall

Traditional jumping from the waterfall is an international event. Last, the cascades from the Pliva River creates a magnificent 17 meter high waterfall, which makes Jajce different from any other city in the world. Jajce is the only city with a natural waterfall directly in its center.

At the point where the river Pliva flows into Vrbas, below the waterfall, there is a 10 m deep pool, which is an additional safety to competitors in the event.

Each year the competition features roughly 30 professional divers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatian, Serbia, Montenegro and Slovenia. The three best jumps, evaluated by an expert commission, receive trophies and appropriate rewards.

Jumping from waterfall takes place on the first weekend in August.

The organizer of this event is the Agency for cultural and historical and natural heritage and development of tourism potentials of Jajce, and the general sponsor of the municipality of Jajce.

The Day of St.John the Baptist

The Day of St. John the Baptist is a religious event, held in the village Podmilačje 4 km away from the Jajce city center. Sanctuary in Podmilačje is one of the oldest pilgrimage sites in Europe, and dates back to the Middle Ages. At this place,a small church was built, dedicated in 1417 to John the Baptist.There are many traditions about the healing powers of St.John at Podmilačkog, and this is one reason for the increasing visits of Catholics from all over the world. Every year on June 24 there is a pilgrimage in which thousands of the faith ful participate.The event lasts for two days, and religious services are provided for all present(Masses and prayers), as well as entertainment and cultural programming.

The organizer of the event is Catholic Archdiocese of St. John the Baptist Parish-Podmilačje, Jajce.

Auto Rally

Since 1998, the Auto Club Jajce traditionally has organized an event called "Auto Rally." The rally is a race car, sports and tourist event which aims to popularize and develop the motor sport and tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is one of the biggest sporting events of this kind, not only in Jajce but in the Central Bosnia Canton and beyond. The competition is held at the international level. This is a traditional event that takes place every year on the first Sunday in September. The competition and selection of the best athletes represents the promotion of sport, assesses the value of the results, promotes the award-winning athletes, increasing the motivation of participants and dates back to the positive side of sport.

To partially experience the atmosphere of the rally in Jajce, click HERE .

The Theater Festival of Bosnia and Herzegovina

This theater performance in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the most important cultural event of the year. The event has traditionally been held in Jajce for over 30 years and brings together all known theater groups from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The audience and judges award a prize for best performance. This event is one of the tourist attractions of Jajce, and it is covered by a variety of media outlets.

During the event, you can keep track of the various portals and read reviews for every show that took place that day. Some of the plays that were most popular with the audience and awarded by the judges are the performance by Abdulah Sidran, "In Zvornik I Have Left My Heart" directed by Sulejman Kupusović, the Croatian theater production "Gilgamesh," directed by Vlade Keroševića, and others. Theater performances are held traditionally in the first week in June/July, and last for 6 days. The organizer of this event is the "House of Culture” Jajce.

The Nikola Šopa day

The event "Shopping Days on the Pliva" is a literary evening held in honor and memory of the great Jajce writer, Nikola Šopa. The event lasts several days and has traditionally been held for the past 15 years. This meeting brings together poets and students of secondary and primary schools. The main organizer of this event is the branch of Croatian Cultural Society, "Progress," from Jajce, and supported by the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports Centre "Progress" of the Jajce Municipality. This event is held in early October.

Nikola Šop was born on 19 August 1904 in Jajce, where he finished primary school. He attended high school classes in Banja Luka, and continued in Belgrade, where he graduated in the Latin language and comparative literature at the Philological Department. From 1944, he lived in Zagreb, where he was a marginalized poetic phenomenon. In 1970 he received the Vladimir Nazor Lifetime Achievement. He died in Zagreb on January 2nd 1982. His work illuminates his solitary interior, dedicated to the notion of "bright solitude," in which he lived in his imaginative poetic world, more than just religiosity, which naturally radiates from their songs as a natural state of mind and consciousness.

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